Rotary Lobe Pump



Stainless Steel Pumps & Valves are the UK agent for JEC pumping equipment, we carry stock of pumps and spare parts for immediate delivery including the ZL range of rotary lobe pump.

JRZL Series

ZL Range of Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rectangular Inlet

ZL Rotary Lobe Pump with vertical port and enlarged rectangular inlet

Pressure Relief Value

ZL Rotary Lobe Pump with integral pressure reliefr valve


 Integrated Pumps

ZL Rotary Lobe Pump with close coupled motor gearbox flange

Heli-Lobe Rotor Pumps

ZL Rotary Lobe Pump helilobe


ZL Rotary Lobe Pump AccuLAB

AccuLAB is specially designed for superior metering accuracy with multi-lobe rotors or spur gear rotors which allows minimum pulsation, precise volumetric dosing and packaging, lab in pilot plant or manufacturing applications as well as general fluid transfer.

Ultra Clean Pumps

ZL Rotary Lobe Pump Ultra Clean

Fully self-draining pumps head and external rotor fixing can eliminate any contaminations and internal crevices, and match to sterile pharmaceuticals, ultra-hygienic food processing, aseptic manufacturing, which need "the best Clean".